Social Affairs and Health Committee

The Social Affairs and Health Committee prepares social- and health-related political presentations, bills, statements and comments for the Sámi Parliament. The purpose of the committee is to advance the rights and position of the Sámi in the social affairs and health care system of Finland.

Members of the committee for the term 2024-2027:


Leena Niittyvuopio-Jämsä, president
Ulla-Maarit Magga, vice president
Aslak Pekkala
Heidi Eriksen
Tinja Semenoff
Niila Rahko
Armi Palonoja


Pentti Pieski
Tuomas Aslak Juuso
Anu Avaskari
Aslak Niittyvuopio
Anne Mäkinen
Tuuni Partti
Inga Äärelä


  • The committee decides on the usage of the government subsidy, which is stated in the national budget (main category 33, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health) for guaranteeing social and health services in the Sámi language.
  • The committee prepares a long-term plan for the Plenum concerning the provision of social and health services in Sámi.
  • It provides an annual clarification for the Plenum on the use of the government subsidy which is appointed to secure social and health services in Sámi.
  • The committee manages, and is in charge of, the necessary tasks that are required for acknowledging the service needs of the Sámi. These tasks are the responsibility of the Social Affairs Learning Centre of Northern Finland (Pohjois-Suomen sosiaalialan osaamiskeskus).