Expert Committees

The Plenum appoints four committees for its electoral period; the Livelihood and Legal Committee, the Educational Committee, the Cultural Committee and the Social Affairs and Health Committee. The Plenum also appoints the Sámi Language Council, the Youth Council and the Electoral Committee, which has a shorter term of office than the other committees.

  • The committees function under the Executive Board and take care of matters that concern their own field of activities. They make decisions on distributing and using the funds within their own field.
  • The chairs and vice-chairs must be actual members of the Sámi Parliament. In addition to the chair and vice chair, every committee has five other members and every member has their own personal deputy.
  • The committees must represent the linguistic and regional groups of the Finnish Sámi in the best possible manner, and they must be professionals in their own field. Appointments to the committees follow the working order of the Sami Parliament.